OPLYSIS - Recurring single user license, billing every month, 1 user - VOUCHER  "Free-Testing-OPLYSIS"
OPLYSIS - Recurring single user license, billing every month, 1 user - VOUCHER  "Free-Testing-OPLYSIS"

OPLYSIS - Recurring single user license, billing every month, 1 user - VOUCHER "Free-Testing-OPLYSIS"

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1 month free evaluation: enter voucher Free-Testing-OPLYSIS on second window during checkout (amount will be reduced by 100 % of one license).

  • License type: recurring named-user license including 1 month free testing
  • No. of users: 1 individual user
  • Information about testing: Enter voucher code "Free-Testing-OPLYSIS" on second window of checkout, the initial charge of 130 € for one license will be reduced on your cart. Your account will be charged after the first time 1 month after registration. You can cancel the subscription any time via a link within our email for confirming the order.
  • Billing: Your monthly subscription starts after the checkout and is automatically renewed after each month. The automatic renewal can be cancelled at any time.
  • Compatible operating system: only Windows XP or higher versions
  • Type of installation: EXE-file for local installation on a PC. For the activation, an internet connection is necessary
  • Cancellation: You can cancel the automatic renewal at any time via a link within the confirmation email or optional via our customer section.

 Information about OPLYSIS:

A fast and reliable evaluation of job costing, production costs and -capacities is essential to improve your fitness in competition.

OPLYSIS® is ideal for this. OPLYSIS® assists you in job costing with process chain analysis and -optimization, regardless of product, process, or company size for more cost transparency and more cost efficiency.

The user-friendly interface of our job costing software allows an intuitive modeling of process chains to improve process- and product cost calculations, as well as job costing.

OPLYSIS® offers easy to use analysis tools that deliver significant results for determination and optimization of technological and economical figures.


Information about license and activation:

One license is valid for one individual user (a valid email-address for the activation is necessary). The package includes one individual user.

The license term starts after procurement of the license and the sending of the download-link and the license key.

After the receipt of the payment, you´ll receive an automatically generated email with a link to the download file, a license key (acting as password during the activation process) and a document including installation instructions.

For each installation, a one-time registration with the user´s email-address and the license key is necessary.

OPLYSIS is a desktop software, all data is generated and managed locally on your PC.

Using the optional Cloud-functionality, your data is transmitted via HTTPS, which thereby encrypts and secures in accordance with current security standards (ISO 27018, full compliance with EU privacy policy).


Information about support:

Technical services of Conbility are included to make use of OPLYSIS.

 Technical services cover:

  • regular information and updates about new platform and toolbox features,
  • trouble shooting and general support for operation of OPLYSIS features, which will be directly provided to the user by Conbility.


Any further support for usability and strategic use of OPLYSIS features are not covered by the included technical support.


Product Positioning of OPLYSIS:

  • OPLYSIS supports industry independent project and production management- and planning, e.g.

    • Agriculture
    • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Consumer Products
    • Cosmetics
    • Electronics
    • Energy
    • Health Care
    • Manufacturing
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Technology
    • Transportation
    • etc.


  • Intuitive handling by OPLYSIS’ well-organized, user-friendly modelling interface enables you to easily and quickly model new or existing process chains for production planning, analysis and optimisation


  • Fast & easy modelling of production structures – with full transparency and independent of complexity


  • Full cost accounting functionality enables you to adapt your cost calculations to your internal cost accounting and reporting guidelines.


  • Store and access your modelled elements on every level (e.g. materials, tools, machines, sub-processes, process steps, process chains, facilities), and share them optionally via the Cloud-function to your colleagues and partners all over the world within personalized work groups


  • Excel interface offers the opportunity to integrate existing formulas of spreadsheets into OPLYSIS or to flexibly create new calculation formulas
  • Fast and flexible setup of variation scenarios and user-defined evaluation of interesting parameters


  • Automated identification of costs, time, performance drivers by sensitivity- and production scale-up analysis


Product Description OPLYSIS Toolbox

The OPLYSIS toolbox, which is installed on the platform engidesk, supports the industrial user by modeling process chains and its calculation of production costs and times. In order to calculate costs and times of complex convoluted process chains, all essential parameters of used resources are considered. The modular structure of the software is as follows:

  • Production facility:
    • Different process chains are assigned to the production facility to calculate the total costs of the facility
  • Process chain:
    • Defines the external conditions of the production process, such as working days per year, working hours per day (shift system) or the targeted production volume
    • Different processes are assigned to the process chain
  • Process:
    • Different process steps are assigned to the processes
  • Process step:
    • Process step is defined by its duration
    • Different resources are assigned to the process step
  • Production effectiveness:
    • Integration of rejects as a measure of performance of the process steps
    • Interconnected with processes
  • Resources: Machines, Workers, Material, Operating material, Tools
    • Cost factors, such as personnel, material, investment or energy and room costs are essential properties of the resources. Costs per time can be calculated by assigning these resources to the process steps.


Core Services:

  • Modeling, analysis and optimization of process chains across all sectors with the calculation elements production facility, process chain, process, process step, production effectiveness and resources
  • At all times variable properties of calculation elements for process chain adaption
  • Precise assignment of resources to process steps, process steps to processes, processes to process chains and process chains to production facilities
  • Sequence or parallel arrangement of processes or process steps possible through definition of predecessors
  • Calculation of a maximum producible output depending on cycle time, shift system and working days per year
  • Calculation of total costs of the process chain and the product
  • Calculation of material, operating and investment costs for the levels production facility, process chain and process, as well as material and operating costs for the level process step
  • Calculation of cycle time and throughput time of the production
  • Calculation of utilization of processes depending on the process arrangement
  • Visualization of process chain analysis by Gantt-Chart, overview lists and diagrams
  • Export of Gantt-Charts, overview lists and diagrams as PNG format
  • Sensitivity analysis for every parameter of every calculation element in order to automatically identify cost drivers of the production
  • Scale-up analysis to simulate production scale up. Identification of a certain output in order to maximize economic advantage with specification of a certain scaling szenario
  • Reference part comparison helps to estimate profit or deficit caused by production launch based on the current process chain calculation and compared to existing market offers
  • Comparison of alternative process chains in order to define production standards or to perform comparative calculations of process chain variations
  • Full cost accounting functionality to individually calculate direct and indirect and allocate your resources to your individually defined cost structure.
  • Graphical presentation of alternative production scenarios through bubble, pie or bar charts
  • Storage of calculation elements throughout all levels of the modular structure (production facility, process chain, process, process step or resources) in an individually adaptable database
  • Interconnection with other programs, such as Excel, Matlab, .Net etc. possible
  • Excel interface offers the possibility to integrate existing formulas by loading the excel sheet and interconnecting it to current process chain calculations or to create new formulas



Product/Service Description of Platform engidesk

The software platform engidesk is under constant development, so that the product/service description might change with the product and service progression accordingly. The product/service description is only valid in the respectively latest version.

engidesk states a platform for developing databases and calculation routines/sequences. In addition, the platform features the immediate execution, free combination and connection as well as the administration of those routines/sequences.

According to demand and preference, engidesk users have the option to integrate calculation methods and existing logics from MS Excel or even higher programming languages like Microsoft C# or VB.NET directly to engidesk for barrier-free recombinations to more complex but aggregated calculation processes.

The engidesk featured automated sensitivity analysis enables users to identify which parameters influence specific results to which extent or the other way round.

All executable modules in engidesk can be managed, administered and stored in the software - independent from the type of content. Examples are material data, component characteristics, cost rates, process parameters.

In many cases, calculations are not only relevant or useful for the individual that develops them, but even more often for colleagues, customers, suppliers or other project participants. engidesk is designed for collaborative use of knowledge, thus substantially supports data sharing and co-working in teams inherently. Data, processes and calculations can easily be passed on to (authorized) third parties via the integrated market place.

The engidesk market place allows the distribution of databases and calculation routines/sequences (either free of charge or fee-based) to:

- Employees and colleagues within a company

- Employees of other companies

- Individuals